Cocktail Menu

Billy’s Specialty Cocktails 

Swamp Thing 

A murky combination  of gin, melon liquor,  raspberry liquor,  pineapple juice, sour,  soda, and sprite. *One of  the most requested! 

Three Mile Island Iced Tea 

A really long island!  Vodka, gin, and rum with  sour and coke. 

Billy Banger 

Not your average mai tai!  Orange juice, almond, and  cherry, with a generous  pour of rums! 

Cranberry Quake 

Kick up your vodka cran!  Vodka, gin, rum, sour,  and sprite.

Rum Runner 

Makes you want to be on a  beach even more than our  weather! 3 delicious rums,  orange, pineapple, and  cranberry juices. 

Billy Melon 

A special fruity drink for  those melonball lovers  out there. Vodka, melon  liquor, orange juice,  sour, and grenadine. 

Jumbo Bloody Mary 

When you REALLY need a  bloody mary. Absolut  Peppar vodka, house bloody mary mix, and every green  garnish we can find!

Bar Staff Specialties 

The Chicago Pete 

Uh Oh, we’re in trouble…  Titos Vodka, Orange Juice  and Sugar Free Rockstar  strait up with a float of  blue curacao. 

Skinny Bitch 

A staple for skinnies and  wanna be skinnies. Titos  vodka muddled with fresh  lemon and lime in a tall  glass with soda. 


Pinnacle Tropical Punch  vodka with cran, lemonade,  and sprite. If you wanna  be cool you will too! 

Flaming Coconut 

Slightly sweet, slightly  hot, all delicious.  Fireball and Malibu with  pineapple, soda, and fresh lime. 

Liquid Marijuana 

Just barely legal (like  the real stuff). Captain  Morgan, Malibu Coconut  Rum, Midori, blue curacao,  sour, and sprite.

12th Man 

Go big blue! Stoli Vanilla  and blue curacao finished  with sour, sprite, and a  splash of pineapple. 

Big League Chew 

Get the party started!  Stoli Vanilla and 99  Bananas, with Rockstar and  a drop of Grenadine.  *Have it as a dropped shot  or on the rocks. 

The J Smooth 

Justin wants you to get  your beef and taters!  Beefeaters gin with tonic  and soda, as well as fresh  lemon and lime. 

Royal Citrus 

Crown apple and raspberry  liquor, shaken with fresh  lemon and topped with  soda. *Skip the soda for a  delicious shot! 

Irish Car Bomb 

Get right to the business  with an adult’s version of  chocolate milk, the Irish  Car Bomb. Jameson and  Irish creme dropped into  Guiness. 

Grape Knee High 

Our owner has loved this  drink since 1990! Vodka,  Chambord, and orange  curacao, muddled lemon  and orange with sour and  sprite.

$1 Jell-O shots!

Specialty Martinis

Peach Cosmopolitan

Stoli Peach vodka, shaken  with Cointreau and fresh  lime, finished with a  splash of cranberry juice.

Grapefruit Lemondrop

Finlandia Grapefruit  vodka, shaken with fresh  lemon and simple syrup,  finished with a splash of  grapefruit juice.

Billy McHales’ Staples 

Otter Pop 

A mix of vodka, sloe gin,  and blue curacao, with  sour and sprite. 

Black Opal 

A delicious raspberry  concoction with the kick  of a long island! Vodka,  gin, rum, Chambord, and  sour.

Alabama Slammer 

Slam down this mix of:  Southern Comfort, Sloe  gin, Amaretto, and OJ. 

Electric Lemonade

Vodka, gin, rum, triple  sec, sour and lemonade.  

Try it with any of our  31 delicious margarita  flavors!

Purple Hooter 

Because what other color would it be? Vodka, Chambord,  and cranberry juice.

Shots! Shots! Shots! 

Banana Laffy Taffy 

99 Bananas and Whipped  Vodka with a drop of whip. 

Chocolate Cake 

It’s soo good! Simply:  Frangelico and Absolute  Citron. 

Washington Apple 

Crown Royal, apple pucker,  and cranberry juice.  *Swap the cranberry for  pineapple for a Golden  Delicious!

Fuzzy Balls 

Soften up your Fireball a  bit with Peach Schnapps  and OJ. 

Red Headed Slut 

Jagermeister makes  everyone slutty, with  peach schnapps and cran. 

Alien Blood 

Malibu Coconut Rum,  Midori, Peach Schnapps and  99 Bananas. 

Girl Scout Cookie 

Surprisingly like the  real thing! Rumple Minze,  Kahlua, and Baileys.

Birthday Cake 

Complete with sprinkles and whip cream, we mix White  creme de cacao and Pinnacle whipped vodka with a  splash of amaretto.

Warm You Up and Finish You Off 

Peppermint Patty 

Hot Chocolate spiked with  Rumplemintz. 


Hot coffee with brandy and  Kahlua and a splash of  cream.

Butter Me Up 

Yukon Jack, Butterscotch  schnapps, and Baileys  served hot. 

Mark’s Irish Coffee

Bushmills Irish whiskey,  Baileys, and coffee. 

Hot Apple Pie 

Apple cider with Brandy and Tuaca.